Cable plowing is an effective way to install conduit or direct bury cable.

The product is placed into a ‘plow chute’ of the required width and depth along an established route. To accomplish this, the conduit or cable is coiled on a reel, mounted at the front of the cable plow, and is fed into the slot created by the plow. Following installation, this plow rip is then run down, which results in very little disturbance to the surface of the site. This technology can be used in yards, along highways, or in other areas to install telephone cable, cable tv lines, and other utilities.  

We’re different – in a good way

  • We respect all signed or verbal agreements
  • We adhere to established business practices
  • We hold and maintain proper insurance and bonding
  • We strive to protect existing, buried utilities
  • We meet deadlines
  • Our crews are IBEW members
  • We utilize planking for minimum site damage
  • We own and operate the latest equipment
  • Crews are polite and professional
  • Owners and management are highly accessible
  • OSHA trained, D.O.T. compliant
  • We have competitive pricing

Your team does an amazing job in all aspects.

This is the best underground year since I started five years ago. I look forward to many more years of burying facilities! That is the best thing we can do for our customers and communities. I am grateful to have J&R part of this effort.