Affiliations & Memberships

IBEW – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

MEUW – Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin

WUSA – Wisconsin Utility Suppliers Association

MTA – Minnesota Telecom Alliance

WIB – Wisconsin Independent Business

PCCA – Power and Communications Contractors of America

CGA – Common Ground Alliance

PDi2 – Power Delivery Intelligence Initiative

I was extremely impressed with the vacuum excavation truck that J&R Underground supplied for our project this spring.

In an area that is mostly rocky soil, they were able to spot utilities as deep as 8’ in a matter of minutes. In the past, some of the pot holds may have taken an hour, in many cases longer. With the ability to efficiently spot utilities ahead of the directional bore rig, with minimal labor, we will definitely finish our jobs under budget and ahead of schedule! J&R Underground supplied the machine and crew that got the job done!

Jason, Gas Operations Supervisor, Rock Energy Cooperative